Tuesday, December 29, 2015

15 in 2015....What Happened, and What Didn't

view from Ft. Langley bridge of Brae Island's chapel

For many years I've set up some sort of a yearly list of things to do. They're sometimes small, sometimes big, sometimes silly, but always things I just want to make a little bit of space and thought to do and 'name it', if you will. I got 1/2 done on my 2015 list, but in my defense, I planned it around my birthday, which means I only gave myself 9 months in 2015, not 12. I'll have a new '16 in 2016' list soon, but for now, here's what happened, and what didn't. See the original list HERE

I'll start and link to what did actually happen:

I got professional family photos done, I wrote an actual Christmas letter and sent it to family, I *tried* turning Ani's bone & shell collection (it didn't look as great as it did in my head...) into artwork, hiked Deep Cove/Quarry Rock with my family, watched The Sound of Music with my kids, baked Confetti Cookies, and my 'intentionally left blank?', I did that too. I tried snorkeling

What didn't happen? 

I didn't get around to taking the family on a drive-in movie date. I actually researched our local option a number of times, but the summer viewings were just so late (9 or 10PM start time) and that just was too much of a detainer for our family. Maybe next year? or maybe when they're teens. 

I didn't sew a triangle skirt or headband. I thought about it a few times. I looked on pinterest a time or two. Not much else. 

I didn't make 'sweet treats' hairclips for Ani and my nieces but I am DEFINITELY putting this on the 2016 list. I thought about it a lot, often when we were nowhere near home. I still want to do this. I still think it'd be a really fun, easy, and adorable craft. 

We haven't got a dog...YET... stay tuned...

I didn't purchase or create driftwood art, but I did collect my driftwood. Step 1 done, but steps 2-4, not done. Sad face. I still love the style. 

I didn't purchase a Giving Key necklace because they went up a LOT in price. What gives, Giving Keys? The Canadian dollar being about 35% lower than the US dollar also made this a lower priority. If a necklace is $70, I have to pay $100? Nope. 

I didn't make a Calligraphy print for our home. I realized that our home is already getting full enough with prints/artwork, though I DID learn and practice Calligraphy, which was a huge step in the right direction. 

I didn't make a Ship&Shape inspired necklace. I have been on the lookout but haven't seen any store locally that sells beads that look similar to these, which is half the battle of making this craft. Harumph. 

So, even though I only did half this list, I still tried for others, which I define as successful, as well. I'm excited to start a new year, I always am. I find pleasure in 'naming' activities, experiences, or crafts I want to do by myself or with my family, and tracking them helps me enjoy them even more. (Gretchen Rubin would be so proud of me.) Blessings on your New Year as well! What will you try for in 2016?

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